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  • Ershov S.A.

    "Remote Control online moving platform using Arduino language"

    Arduino - an electronic designer and convenient platform rapid development of electronic devices for beginners and professionals. The platform is very popular worldwide for its convenience and ease of programming language, as well as open architecture and software code. The device is programmed via USB without using programmers.

    For the project based on the Arduino language I took the creation of a moving platform that transmits visual information about the environment to the user via web- camera. Managed by the platform from any computer located anywhere , the main condition - the presence of the Internet Explorer browser by the user , and the availability of wi-fi internet connection from the platform.

    Subject: 05.13.06 - Automation and management of technological processes and manufactures (on branches)
    UDC: 004.942 | Recieved: 17.06.2014
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