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  • russian
  • Artamonov A.V.

    "Technique of quality assessment CENS in the course of flight of the pilotless aircraft"

    In this article definition of correlation and extreme navigation system (СENS) is given and the short description of its work is provided. The problem of application СENS in actual practice is considered. The concept of work quality СENS is given and defined. The task of the analysis of work accuracy СENS is formulated. The technique of an assessment of accuracy characteristics СENS is offered and in detail stated

    List of key words: CENS, INS, aircraft, simulation, technique, statistical processing, quality assessment, system, navigation

    Subject: 05.13.05-Elements and devices of computer facilities and control systems
    UDC: 004.9 | Recieved: 01.06.2012
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