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11/2005 - 12/2006



  • russian
  • Kladov M.Y.

    "Research of kinetic parameters of a thermal decomposition of threads of a stuff svm before and after mechanical effect"

    The research of influencing of mechanical effects on kinetic of physico-chemical
    transformations of a thread of stuff svm is arried out. The thermogravimetric analysis
    of a stuff is conducted. The values of kinetic parameters A and E of physico-chemical
    transformations of a stuff are obtained. The increase of quantity of stages of thermal
    degradation and change of values kinetic blasting mechanical effect an a stuff by
    results of parallels of verifying experiments.

    Key words: thermal effects, mechanical effects, multistage kinetic parameters, physico-chemical transformations.

    Author, is responsible for connection with editorship, – Kladov M.Y.

    Subject: 01.04.14 – Thermal physics and theoretical heat engineering
    UDC: 541.66:541.127 | Recieved: 02.03.2006
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