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  • Savrukhin A.P.

    "Golden section and elementary particles"

    The physical model of elementary particles is ubmitted, which basic novelty is, that the own energy of a particles is submitted by a vector, which orthogonal components essence of an energies peculiar to electromagnetic and strong interactions. The vector is adequately described by magnitude of the module known as an energy (rest-mass), and argument (phase) new parameter describing a singularities of each term of a set of family particles.
    The method of use of the information about particles consisting in a gang of known dates on yields of its decay, for an evaluation of all vectorial component and their projections is developed. The method allows determining the hidden system connections in ensemble of particles, regularity of their spectrum.
    For the first time is established, that at decay of kaon and pion on the neutrino and myon is fulfilled a principle of harmonic proportionality (golden section). As display accounts the indicated principle is followed by all so-called stable particles. It can be treated in such a manner that everywhere observed in appearances and plants of a nature the development of a principle of a golden section is a projection of processes that are flowing past in a microcosm.
    Page 45. Ill. 17, Bibl. 58

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