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  Number 2
05/2003 - 12/2004

  Markovskiy A.V., Rodionov A.V., Tsypouk A.M.

"To the question of conserving old-growth forests"

The intensive destroying mature forests has become one of most important global ecological problems, one of which aspects has found its particular imbodiment
in the problem of conserving old-growth forests. Up to 26% of Russian forests (289 million ha) are old-growth forests, but only 5% (14.4 million ha) of Russian forest are under protection. History of nature protecting (including old-growth forests) in Russia is briefly presented in the article. Moral, economic, class and technological aspects of conserving old-growth forests in transient period of Russian economy development are analyzed (case study Republic of Karelia). Possible ways of solving the problem of conserving old-growth forests on the basis of interstate cooperation are presented.

UDC: 630*228.9 | Recieved: 04.02.2004
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