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  • Savrukhin A.P.

    "Electrostatics without the "free charges""

    It is alleged that, under normal conditions, in metals there is no destruction of atoms, accompanied by ionization and the formation of gas the so-called "free charges", i.e. freely moving electrons, because the attainment of a state of ionization occurs only at temperatures above 10 000 K, i.e. in the plasma. Given a series of experiments in electrostatics mode indicating the absence of transmission charges. Phenomena in electrostatics based on polarization bodies; under the same polarizability of atoms is the ability to deform under the action of various external factors so that the dipole is formed, as a consequence of displacement relative to each other centers of the sums of the fields of positive and negative charges.

    Key words: Electrostatics, polarization of metals, electrization, dielectrics, triboelectricity

    Subject: 01.00.00 Physics-mathematical science: Electrostatics
    UDC: 537.2 | Recieved: 13.10.2015
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