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Savrukhin Anatoly Petrovich

tel.: 8 (495) 515-60-04; E-mail:

Author's articles:

  • «Sankhya karika» Ishvarakrishna and «Yoga sutra» Patanjali [russian] [english]
  • Corpuscular Spectroscopy [russian] [english]
  • Electron, Pion and Muon: the Relation of Masses [russian] [english]
  • Electrostatics without the "free charges" [russian] [english]
  • Evolution of representations vacuum [russian] [english]
  • Golden section and elementary particles [russian] [english]
  • Golden section and elementary particles
  • Lao-tzy «Dao de tzyn» or the Book About Natural Bases of Morals [russian] [english]
  • NATURE OF LIGHT [russian] [english]
  • Nature of the Elementary Particles and Golden Section [russian] [english]
  • NATURE of the magnetic FIELD [russian] [english]
  • NATURE of the magnetic FIELD.c.2 [russian] [english]
  • Physics conductivity [russian] [english]
  • Preconditions for creation Nuclear power devices of new generation [russian] [english]
  • Principle of a golden section: physical aspect [russian] [english]
  • Proverbs In «Dao de tzyn» [russian] [english]
  • Sources of national harmony [russian] [english]
  • Statistical Method In Power of Decaies Elementary Particles [russian] [english]
  • Summary Statement and Interpretation of Essence of East Doctrines About Sources of Morals [russian] [english]
  • The computer laboratory practical work on basis Electronics Workbench (EWB) [russian] [english]
  • The information as concept and the term [russian] [english]
  • The physical basis of electrical phenomena [russian] [english]